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Smart Ration Card Scheme under NFSA

  • No. of beneficiaries 1.42 Crore
  • Eldest Woman will be the family head.
  • Wheat will be given at Rs. 2/- per KG.
  • The Biannual entitlement of wheat will be given at one go.
  • The distribution will be done at the doorstep of the beneficiary directly by the department.
  • The beneficiary gets to keep the wheat bags in which he gets the grains.
  • The beneficiaries are de-duplicated on the basis Aaadhar.
  • The beneficiary can go to the consumer court, if he does not get wheat as per his entitlement.
  • Wheat will be delivered in 30 kg standard packing.
  • The department officials, Beneficiary, Transporter, Gram Panchayat, Nigrani Committee - all will work in coordination for disbursement of wheat.
  • No upper cap. Every member gets five kg wheat per month.


List and addresses of all depot holders in the state along with the licensee's names.

Names of suspended depots.

Entitlement of the quantity of rations, along with the cost.

Number of subsidy cards registered with each depot holder.

Total number of beneficiaries in Punjab with details of each scheme.

Dates by which the ration is supposed to be distributed.


Public Notice and Forms

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