Quality Control Branch


Quality control deals with the cases relating to the recoveries of quality cuts imposed/shortage in transit on wheat stocks by the Food Corporation of India at the time of dispatch of the said stocks from the delinquent officials. Besides, this branch also deals with the purchase of fumigants/pesticides, i.e. Celphos, Malathion and DDVP to keep the health of wheat stocks in good condition as well as deals with imparting training to Field Staff. This branch deals with the purchse of Fumigants to keep the health of wheat stocks in good condition. Celphos is purchased through Punsup. Malathion and D.D.V.P. are purchased through Markfed. Wheat stockcs are treated with Celphos @ two tablets per MT thrice a year. The wheat stocks are sprayed with Malathion @ one liter per 2375 MT on fortnightly basis.

MIR (Monthly Inspection Report), SIR(Special Inspection Report) and other inspection reports of PEG godowns are dealt in this branch.

Various apparatus and instruments required in the purchase of wheat and paddy are purchased through this branch, eg. Moisture meters, fog sprayers etc.

Audit paras/PAC related to Quality Control

Letters from FCI pertaining to the health of the stocks and maintenance of godowns and other matters related with quality control are dealt in this branch.

Matters related with the PMS contractors like Origo, Soma are also looked after in this branch


Wheat stocks are sprayed with DDVP @ one liter per 9500 MT fortnightly.
Wheat stocks are treated with Celphos @ two tablets per MT thrice a year.


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