State Consumer Helpline

It has been decided by Department of consumer affairs at national level that consumer helpline may be established at level of the state Governments for boosting consumer movement in the country. It will provide counselling on all products and services in regional, Hindi and English language. It will also function as a source centre with complete database of all required information necessary for counselling.


  • Development of resource centre at state level which will be networked with national resource centre.
  • Develop Alternate Consumer Disputes Redressal mechanism at State Level.
  • Maximum no. of disputes resolved out of court.
  • Early resolution of complaints.
  • Reach out to rural consumers.
  • Capacity building of State level VCOs.
  • State level machinery gets experience.
  • Companies and service providers become more active in solving consumer disputes.
  • Provide service in regional language in addition to English language.
  • Punjab State Consumer Helpline no. 180030011007
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