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Establishment - 1 Branch

Establishment 1 Branch deals with matters relating to establishment matters such as appointments, promotions, probation, confirmation, reversions, postings and transfers, retirement, premature retirement, disciplinary cases, suspensions, dismissals, removal or compulsory retirement, seniority, level matters, property returns, ACRs, complaints etc of Additional Director, Joint Directors, Deputy Directors, Assistant Directors, DFSCs, DFSOs, Superintendents, Accounts Officers, Senior Auditors. This branch also maintains their service record and personal files.

Establishment - 2 Branch


Establishment 2 Branch deals with the service matters of Ministerial Field and Head Office Staff.

Establishment - 3 Branch


Establishment 3 Branch deals with service/Establishment matters of Assistant Food and Supplies Officers.
This Branch also maintains their service record & personal files.

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